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Jones Surgical Instruments 

Our office

Our office is located in Huntsville, Ontario in Canada, and  our is goal to provide you with high quality Surgical Instruments as well as the the most competitive prices and the best in customer service.

Our products

For our Instruments, we chose only sources that have impressed us with the quality of their products, as well as their integrity, their ability to provide ISO & CE certification and material data documents. Our instruments is produced using modern digital equipment, and each device goes through a number of necessary processes to produce instruments of the standard we insist upon.

Our Focus

Jones of Muskoka was established in 2010, and became Jones Surgical Instruments in 2012. Providing high quality surgical instruments at the best prices to hospitals, clinics, professionals and medical students and is our primary focus. Customer care is part of that focus, and you can expect courteous as quick service whether you purchase one instrument or large quantities. 

Future plans include further expansion into the health industry.

Our website

Feel free to look through our website, and return often for news, updates, and useful information.

PDF files

We will be pleased to send you the PDF files on any instrument group chosen from the catalog pages on this site. Just email us with your request.


If you are a wholesaler/supplier and purchasing in volume, you can use the Aesculap catalog reference numbers for any instruments you need a quote on. We offer very attractive factory pricing  and for recurring orders we keep stock on hand for fast delivery. 

Call or email us with any questions.  We look forward to serving you.


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