At Jones Surgical Instruments are keenly aware of the high cost of higher education, and we feel that those who dedicate themselves to the well being of others deserve any break they can get.

We have no control over education costs, but we can help you offset the cost of quality instruments, so that you can afford to own quality instruments right from the start.

15% discount on best prices - even on monthly specials 
In that spirit we offer med students 15% off our already low pricing on all our medical devices in surgical, dental and ophthalmic instrument categories. That includes any special offers, AND in addition to that we pay the tax

Also get free shipping by combining orders
You may also combine your order with the order of other students to qualify for our
FREE SHIPPING requirement, as long as the order carries only one name and one address.

Just tell us the name, address & phone number of your learning institution.
and let us know what instruments you would like to see appear on our Monthly Special
along with any questions or comments

Oh, and don't forget,

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