The HYLO™ Technology

The world's first preservative free, multi-dose container. Developed by German scientists and finally available in Canada!

HYLO™ / HYLO™Gel feature an integral AIRLESS application system—a sophisticated ventilation duct prevents the solution in the bottle from coming into contact with contaminated environmental air. Microorganisms cannot enter the bottle, preventing contamination of the product during use.

The HYLO™ application system is designed to deliver 300 STERILE DOSES of solution – ONE DROP AT A TIME!

Preservatives are no longer required!

This innovative system guarantees liquids are kept sterile during storage and up to 6 months after first use. There is a space on the bottle where you can note the date the product was first used.

It is important to note that the HYLO™ application system's ability to meter 300 exact doses, as opposed to approximately 220 doses for most bottles that size, creates great value for you.  

Are you ready for Advanced German Technology, Long Lasting Comfort, Fewer Applications, Immediate Relief, No Blurring of Vision. It is your eyes - Click here to discover the HYLO difference!