Viscoadaptive Dry Eye Drops

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Benefits include:

Long Lasting Comfort

Fewer Applications

Immediate Relief

No Blurring of vision

Fewer applications lowers the cost of therapy

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Sophisticated one way valve and air return delivers one sterile drop at a time. 

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Why Are Viscoadaptive Eye Drops Better?
Viscoadaptive eye drops enhance the three natural layers of the tear film and are remarkably comfortable and long-lasting. It is also why I-DROP® products are highly effective at hydrating and lubricating the cornea while reducing tear film evaporation, which are generally recognized as being the principle factors required to improve the symptoms associated with dry eye disease.

Launched in 2014, I-DROP® PUR and I-DROP® PUR GEL are I-MED Pharma’s fourth generation preservative-free, easy to use, viscoadaptive hyaluronan (HA) drops for dry eye. I-DROP® is the optimal solution for people suffering from ocular surface disorders like dry eye disease. It brings immediate and lasting relief with every blink. The unique formulation continually refreshes and stabilizes the tear film providing superior comfort with fewer applications.

All 3-packs includes taxes and FREE shipping. All 10-packs includes Taxes and shipping and you pay only for 9 bottles. The 10th bottle is free.  


$ 93.00 CAD

Perfect for moderate to severe dry eye syndrome. Includes tax, and you get FREE SHIPPING


$ 279 CAD

Perfect for moderate to severe dry eye syndrome. Includes Tax, and you get FREE SHIPPING


$ 78 CAD

Perfect for mild to moderate to dry eye syndrome. Includes tax and you get FREE SHIPPING


$ 234 CAD

Perfect for mild to moderate dry eye syndrome. Taxes are included, and you get FREE SHIPPING


A premium, preservative-free eye drop with superior
osmoprotectants and bioprotectants for unmatched hydration and
lubrication of the cornea. I-DROP® MGD is a premium, preservative-
free, artificial tear that helps relieve symptoms associated with
evaporative dry eye. It is the most advanced eye drop for hydrating
and lubricating the cornea.The formulation contains 0.20%
viscoadaptive hyaluronan, as well as superior osmoprotectants and
bioprotectants that stabilize and enhance the lipid layer, while
reducing evaporation of the tear film.This unique formulation offers
the patient unparalleled ocular hydration and comfort. It is a long-
lasting artificial tear that re-coats the surface of the eye with every
blink, resulting in a lower therapy cost to the patient with fewer 
daily applications. I-DROP® MGD is available in a multi-dose bottle
with a sophisticated one-way valve and air-return system that
delivers one sterile-dosed drop at a time.


$ 144.00 CAD

Enhanced relief for Severe Chronic Dry Eye. Taxes are included, and you get FREE shipping

Long-lasting patient comfort due to viscoadaptive properties
Superior moistening and lubrication of the cornea and conjunctiva
Long residence time, blink-activated coating and re-coating of the ocular surface
Fewer daily applications needed, saving you money
No blurred vision or foreign body sensation
Natural, non-toxic biopolymers

What people say about i-drop®
“I’ve been using I-MED Pharma products for a few years now. They have helped my dry eyes and blepharitis immensely. I use the preservative-free eye drops daily and have reduced chronic eye infections almost entirely by using the I Lid N’ Lash Wipes. Using these products has become such a part of my routine, that I often forget when I’m using the wipes to remove eye makeup that they are also cleansing my eyelids. At a recent visit to my ophthalmologist, my doctor examined my eyes under a microscope and told me I had the cleanest lashes she had seen in months. I truly believe the eye care products by I-MED Pharma are superior to any others available on the market. They’ve made a huge difference for me and I recommend them to anyone looking for dry eye help.”- Elana Rudick

“I had laser eye surgery about ten years ago and over the last 3 or 4 years have experienced very dry eyes. Especially over night. Somemornings they were so dry I couldn’t even open them. I have tried just about every eye drop over the counter and none have worked as well as I-Drop Plus.”- Alison M., British Columbia. From

“After years of suffering from dry eyes I have finally found some relief. These drops have improved my quality of life because I am not constantly preoccupied with putting drops in my eyes throughout the day!! Thanks I-MED Pharma!” - Alanna G., Quebec. From